Clover horse betting tips.


After learning to win, place and show betting, horse betting enthusiasts should move on to a more advanced and interesting betting style. Learning all types of horse betting can give you an advantage and create your own winning strategy for horse betting. Trio betting can reward bettors a lot of money, if successful, but the possibility of successful direct trio betting is very slim. For most bettors, the trio betting variant is safer.

Straight trio betting.

This may be a bet to go if you really push to earn Malaysian bets. This bet includes the correct selection of the first three horses in the same order. In its most basic form, trio betting involves picking three horses to complete a specific order in the race. In its most complex form, trio betting involves keying multiple horses in various combinations for a certain finishing position, improving your chances of winning. This is also known as clover wheel betting.

How to make a trio bet.

First of all, you must already be familiar with the interface of the sports betting site you joined, otherwise it is not too late to learn it and become familiar with it.

Let you pick the horses you think will take the first, second and third positions, remember that it should be in the specific order you specify.

To bet on a successful straight trio, you must pick three horses, which must be completed in the order you specify. Bettors of advanced horses may choose to place bets on multiple horses in a certain position to place a clover wheel bet. For example, Ma Wei Jones was selected as the winner, Ma Wei Smith or Charlie Caan both chose second, and Ma Wei William was selected as third.

Beginners should know the minimum bet amount and should start with that amount until they get the knowledge of it or really understand the type of bet. Usually the minimum bet is $2, so rookies should deal with it first.

Trio straight bet example:

The straight trio on $2 horse 13-9-4 means that if you bet $2, horses 13, 9 and 4 will finish first, second and third consecutively respectively.

Don’t remember, behind a great bet is a well-researched message to support it. Otherwise, you may need to lose your bet. Do your homework every day so that your bet will succeed most of the time.

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