Learn the super perfect box horse betting rookies.


The advanced betting type of horse betting is actually considered to be less risky and much safer for most bettors. Super perfect box betting is very unlike straight super perfect betting because it involves picking the first four horses that will complete the game in any order. Having said that, it is obvious that it improves your chances of successfully betting because the order in which the horses finish is not important.

Because the risk of this degree is not the same as that of a direct super effect bet, it is understandable that this degree of bet will cost more. Usually, this bet starts with a total of 24 USD per bet. You pay for extra bets on the Super Perfect Box because you are buying all the different combinations in which your four horses can be completed. Mathematically speaking, there are 24 possible finishing combinations of 4 horses.

It’s like paying US dollars for each combination, because there are 24 combinations, your total bet will be 24 US dollars, which is the minimum bet requirement, making a super perfect box betting.

Horse betting samples for Super Perfect Box betting:

The US dollar (US$1) Super Perfect Box betting horses 1-4-9-5 means that the total number of possible winning combinations is 24. The total betting fee is 24 USD (1 X 24 USD = 24 USD)

If the horse 1 + 4 + 9 + 5, regardless of the order, they will win.

Below we have the denomination of the bet, which depends on the number of horses that bettors will choose to bet on the Super Fita Box.

4 horses $1 Super Perfect Box = $24.

5 horses $1 Super Perfect Box = $120.

6 horses $1 super perfect box = $360.

7 horses $1 Super Perfect Box = $840.

8 horses $1 super perfect box = $1680.

9 horses $1 super perfect box = $3024.

10 horses $1 super perfect box = $5040.

11 horses $1 super perfect box = $7920.

12 horses $1 super perfect box = $11880.

As we have seen, the Super Fifi car box horse you choose to bet on more horses, and then you have to bet the big amount, but the chances of winning are all high.


For novices, he prefers this type of horse betting because it is less risky, but it seems an overpaid bet. As a bettor, people should know that a single bet is enough in a single game, so they must study and do their homework before making a decision.

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